Svensk Maffia - Netflix

Svensk Maffia gives a unique insight into the gang crime which constitutes a growing threat to Swedish society. Although the authorities took have taken a hard line, Hells Angels, Bandidos and others gangs continue to grow. Their crime affects individuals and entrepreneurs - and the men and women who are just trying to do their job. The increased competition between gangs weighs a human life easy. Young men who recently were boys are executed in cold blood, often without anyone having to be held accountable.

Svensk Maffia - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: Swedish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2011-01-27

Svensk Maffia - Denho Acar - Netflix

Denho Acar (born 1974 in Midyat), also known as Dano and Djingis Khan, is a mobster of Assyrian/Syriac descent and founder of the Swedish crime syndicate Original Gangsters.

Svensk Maffia - Biography - Netflix

Acar was born to Syriac-speaking parents in the town of Midyat in Turkey in 1974,v and moved to Bergsjƶn, a suburb of the Swedish city Gothenburg, in 1985. He was involved in a number of criminal activities as a youth and stood trial for the first time in 1991, for two cases of assault with a deadly weapon. In 1993, he founded the Original Gangsters and a year later, he was imprisoned in Denmark for armed robbery. Since then, he's also been convicted of several other crimes. In 2007, Acar fled to the tourist resort of Marmaris in Turkey because the Swedish police want him for an arson attack on a cafe in Gothenburg. He has served in the Turkish Army, and has also been charged with forgery by the Turkish government as he used a bogus Swedish passport to enter the country. He cannot be deported, however, as he is a Turkish national and has never been granted full citizenship by Sweden. In early 2008, it was announced that he would hand over the formal leadership of the Original Gangsters in Sweden to the former Vice President, Wojtek Walczak. He is still the gang's overall leader, however, and claims that he is now focussing on expanding the gang into Norway, Germany and the Netherlands. His permanent residence permit was revoked by the Swedish government in August 2008, on the grounds that he is no longer considered to be a resident in the country.

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