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Star vs. The Forces of Evil follows fiercely awesome teen princess Star Butterfly. After receiving an all-powerful magic wand for her 14th birthday, Star is sent by her Royal Parents to live with the Diaz family on Earth, bringing along her own unique inter-dimensional style to her new home. Together with the Diaz's teenage son, Marco, they navigate high school and embark on dimension-hopping adventures across the multiverse while keeping her wand out of the clutches of arch-nemesis Ludo and his monstrous forces of evil.

Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 15 minutes

Premier: 2015-01-18

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The animated series Star vs. the Forces of Evil features a number of characters created by Daron Nefcy. It follows the adventures of Star Butterfly, the young turbulent heir to the royal throne in the dimension of Mewni, who is sent to Earth so she can complete her education and learn to be a worthy princess, and Marco Diaz, a human teenager who becomes her roommate and best friend, as they live their daily lives, go on adventures in other dimensions, and, in the first season, try to prevent the evil Ludo and his minions from stealing Star's magic wand.

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The sensei (voiced by Nick Swardson) at a strip mall karate dojo that Marco attends. In season 2, it is revealed that Sensei is his actual first name, but in the guidebook he also goes by Brantley. He learned his karate from instructional videos, and attains his red belt with Marco in the season 2 episode “Red Belt”.

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