Jack's Big Music Show - Netflix

Jack's Big Music Show is an American musical children's television series originally airing on the Nick Jr. television network.

The series focuses on music-loving Jack, his best friend Mary, and his drum-playing dog Mel, all of whom are puppets. The show takes place in Jack's backyard clubhouse, and centers on the characters' passion for music. The characters play music in every episode, and are often accompanied by other puppets or human musicians. Each episode usually features two music videos by children's musical artists.\

Jack's Big Music Show - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 20 minutes

Premier: 2005-09-12

Jack's Big Music Show - Jack Osbourne - Netflix

Jack Joseph Osbourne (born 8 November 1985) is an English media personality with dual American and British citizenship. As the son of heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne, he starred on MTV's reality series The Osbournes (2002–05), along with his father, mother Sharon, and sister Kelly. Osbourne has since pursued a career as a fitness and travel reporter, presenting shows such as Jack Osbourne: Adrenaline Junkie (2005–09) and BBC's Saving Planet Earth (2007). He was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis in 2012. As of summer 2016, he and his father Ozzy are travelling the world in the History Channel reality series Ozzy & Jack's World Detour.

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Osbourne and his wife, Lisa Stelly, have a daughter, Pearl Clementine Osbourne, born on 24 April 2012. Osbourne and Stelly were married in Hawaii on 7 October 2012. In August 2013, Osbourne and his wife announced they were expecting their second child, but on 6 September 2013, Osbourne's wife Lisa revealed she suffered a miscarriage in her second trimester; they had been expecting a son. He would have been named Theo. Their second child, daughter Andy Rose Osbourne, was born on 13 June 2015. They welcomed their third child, daughter Minnie Theodora Osbourne, on 3 February 2018. The couple announced their separation on 18 May 2018. In June 2012, Osbourne announced that he had been diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. He had experienced symptoms for a number of years including blindness in one eye; numbness in both legs; and problems with his bladder, bowel, and stomach. Osbourne injects Copaxone medication daily, uses vitamin supplements and hormone replacement therapy, and has travelled to Europe for stem cell therapy. He has also made lifestyle changes such as minimising stress, exercising regularly, and significantly altering his diet. However, he has spoken of his fear of a rapid decline and has admitted that his doctors have urged him to stop participating in highly intensive physical workouts: “Right now am I going to be in a wheelchair? No. But if I don't take care of myself, who knows.” While appearing on Dancing with the Stars in October 2013, Osbourne said that he did not suffer from “any severe symptoms other than the odd bit of tingling down my leg and the occasional bout of fatigue.”

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