F.C. De Kampioenen - Netflix

F.C. De Kampioenen - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Dutch

Status: Ended

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: 1990-10-06

F.C. De Kampioenen - F.C. De Kampioenen (comic) - Netflix

F.C. De Kampioenen is a Belgian comic strip by created by Hec Leemans and published by Standaard Uitgeverij. The comics series is based on the television sitcom comedy series of the same name on Flemish television. The series ran for 94 albums with numerous special versions and editions.

F.C. De Kampioenen - Narrative - Netflix

The comic strip only follows the big story lines of the television series like new characters and the Marc Vertongen and Bieke Crucke wedding. Despite this, the albums run separately from the story line of the television show. The first antagonist Dimitri De Tremmerie is a main character in albums 1 to 6. He will later reappear for guest performances. Bernard Theofiel Waterslaeghers is the important antagonist in Album 7 to 16. Unlike the television series, he does not go away but re-appear for guest performances. Eventually, Fernand Costermans becomes the from album 17 to the very end. In December 2013, a comic book was published with the first championship film. Album 79 gives the story of the movie a different turn.

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